6 Poems of Five Stanzas of Known Authors (2023)

The poems of five stanzas, along with those of four, are usually the structure most used by poets, since it is a length that allows to sufficiently develop the idea to be transmitted.

A poem is a composition that uses the literary resources of poetry. It can be written in different ways, although the most traditional is in verse, that is, it is composed of sentences or sentences written in separate lines and grouped into sections called verses.

6 Poems of Five Stanzas of Known Authors (1)

Each of these lines usually rhyme with each other, that is, a similar vocal sound, especially in the last word of each line or in alternate lines (even and / or odd).

The length of the poems can be unlimited and is not governed by any standard. There are poems of a single line and others whose extension can be several pages.

Although poetry can deal with any subject, it has the intrinsic intention of communicating a stylized, sublime and beautiful idea.

Contemporary poetry has many licenses that sometimes do not allow to fit the poems in a certain structure.

In this way, we find poems in prose, without rhyme, with verses or asymmetrical stanzas, and so on.

6 Poems of five stanzas

1- Farewell


From the bottom of you, and kneeling,

A sad child, like me, looks at us.

For that life that will burn in your veins

They would have to tie our lives.

For those hands, the daughters of your hands,

They would have to kill my hands.

For his eyes open on the earth

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I will see in your tears one day.


I do not want it, Beloved.

So that nothing ties us

Which does not give us anything.

Not the word that smelled your mouth,

Nor what the words did not say.

Neither the feast of love that we did not have,

Nor your sobs at the window.


I love the sailors' love

Who kiss and leave.

They leave a promise.

They never come back.

In each port a woman waits:

Sailors kiss and leave.

One night they go to bed with death

In the bed of the sea).

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Love the love that is shared

In kisses, bed and bread.

Love that can be eternal

And can be fleeting.

Love that wants to break free

To love again.

Divinized love that is coming

Divinized love that goes away.


My eyes will not delight in your eyes anymore,

My pain will not be sweetened next to you.

But where I'm going I'll take your look

And wherever you walk you will bear my pain.

I was yours, you were mine. What else? Together we did

A bend in the path where love passed.

I was yours, you were mine. You will be the one to love you,

Of which I cut in your garden what I sowed.

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I'm leaving. I'm sad: but I'm always sad.

I come from your arms. I do not know where I'm going.

... From your heart I say goodbye to a child.

And I say goodbye.

Author: Pablo Neruda

2- Do not save yourself

Do not stand still at the edge of the road, do not congeal the joy, do not want with reluctance, do not save now, not ever.

Do not save yourself, do not be calm, do not reserve the world just a quiet corner.

Do not drop your heavy eyelids as judgments, do not run out of lips, do not sleep without sleep, do not think without blood, do not judge without time.

But if in spite of everything you can not avoid it and freeze the joy and want with reluctance and you save now and you fill with calm and reserves of the world only a quiet corner.

And you drop your heavy eyelids like judgments and you dry without lips and you sleep without sleep and you think without blood and you judge without time and you remain immobile at the edge of the road and you save, then you do not stay with me.

Author: Mario Benedetti

3- Supporting My Hot Front

Leaning on my hot forehead
In the cold window glass,
In the silence of the dark night
From my balcony my eyes did not move.

In the middle of the mysterious shadow
Its window shed lit,
Letting my sight penetrate
In the pure sanctuary of your stay.

Pale as marble, the countenance;
The blond hair untwisted,
Caressing its silky waves,
His alabaster shoulders and his throat,
My eyes saw her, and my eyes
Seeing her so beautiful, they were troubled.

Look in the mirror; sweetly
He smiled at her beautiful languid image,
And his silent flattery in the mirror
With a sweet kiss paid...

But the light went out; Pure vision
Faded like a vain shadow,
And I slept, I was jealous
The crystal his mouth caressed.

Author: Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

4- Desire

Only your hot heart,
And nothing more.
My paradise a field
Without nightingale
Ni liras,
With a discreet river
And a fountain.

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Without the spur of the wind
On the frond,
Not the star you want
Be leaf.

A huge light
That was
Of other,
In a field of
Broken looks.

A clear rest
And there our kisses,
Sound poles
From the echo,
They would open very far.
And your heart warm,
Nothing else.

Author: Federico García Lorca

5- The Rare Child

This child had strange manias.
We always played to that he was a general
Who shot all his prisoners.

I remember that time he threw me into the pond
Because we were playing as I was a redfish.

What a lively fantasy that of his games.
He was the wolf, the sticking father, the lion, the man with the long knife.

Invented the game of trams,
And I was the child who passed the wheels.

Much later we learned that, behind some distant walls,
He looked at them all with strange eyes.

Author: Vicente Aleixandre

6- Autumnal Verses

When I look at my cheeks, which were red yesterday,
I have felt the autumn; Exp.
They have filled me with fear; He told me the mirror
That snows in my hair while the leaves fall...

What a curious destination! He knocked on the doors.
In the middle of spring to give me snow
And my hands are freezing under slight pressure
Of a hundred blue roses on their dead fingers

I already feel totally invaded by ice;
Chattering my teeth while the sun, outside,
It puts stains of gold, as in spring,
And laughs in the deepened sky.

And I cry slowly, with a damn pain...
With a pain that weighs on my all fibers,
Oh, the fateful death that your wedding offers me
And the fuzzy mystery loaded with infinity!

But I rebel! - How does this human form
Which cost the subject so many transformations
Kill me, chest inside, all illusions
And give me the night almost in the middle of the morning?

Author: Alfonsina Storni


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What type of poem that has 5 stanzas? ›

1. Cinquain: A cinquain is a poem or five-line stanza with a rigid syllable count for each line. This modern form was invented by American poet Adelaide Crapsey.

What is the name of a 6 stanza poem? ›

Sestet. A six-line stanza, or the final six lines of a 14-line Italian or Petrarchan sonnet. A sestet refers only to the final portion of a sonnet, otherwise the six-line stanza is known as a sexain.

Can a poem have 6 stanzas? ›

What Is a Sestina? A sestina is a poem in a fixed form. A sestina, deriving from the Italian word “sexto” (sixth), has six stanzas of six lines each, ending with a three-line envoy. An envoi—also called an envoy, tercet, or tornada—is a short stanza at the end of a poem.

What are the 6 types of stanzas? ›

What Are the Different Types of Stanza?
  • Monostich. A one-line stanza. ...
  • Couplet. A stanza with two lines that rhyme.
  • Tercet. A stanza with three lines that either all rhyme or the first and the third line rhyme—which is called an ABA rhyming pattern. ...
  • Quatrain. ...
  • Quintain. ...
  • Sestet. ...
  • Septet. ...
  • Octave.
Aug 16, 2021

How many stanzas are in Caged Bird by Maya Angelou? ›

'Caged Bird' by Maya Angelou is a six-stanza poem that is separated into stanzas that range in length. Angelou chose to write the poem in free verse. This means that there is no single rhyme scheme or metrical pattern that unites all the lines. But, there are some examples of an iambic meter.

What is a poem with 6 syllables per line called? ›

In the accentual-syllabic verse of English, German, and other languages, however, the iambic trimeter is a meter consisting of three iambs (disyllabic units with rising stress) per line, making a line of six syllables.

What is a poem with 7 stanzas called? ›

A poem or stanza with one line is called a monostich, one with two lines is a couplet; with three, tercet or triplet; four, quatrain. six, hexastich; seven, heptastich; eight, octave. Also note the number of stanzas.

What is a 7 stanza poem? ›

A 7-line poem is called a Septet. It can also be known as a Rhyme Royal. Traditionally, Rhyme Royals have the following rhyming sequence: ababbcc.

How many lines is 5 stanzas? ›

A 5-line stanza is called either a quintet or a cinquain, based on the type of poem. 'Quint' means 'five' in Latin. Quintets only have to have five lines, while cinquains have more specific requirements regarding structure. In a cinquain, the lines' lengths follow this pattern: one word, two words,...

What types of poems have 6 lines? ›

A sestain is a six line poem or repetitive unit of a poem of this format (musaddas), comparable to quatrain (Ruba'i in Persian and Arabic) which is a four line poem or a unit of a poem. There are many types of sestain with different rhyme schemes, for example AABBCC, ABABCC, AABCCB or AAABAB.

What is an example of a stanza? ›

The words that say "In the winter it's every kid's dream, / As snowflakes begin to appeal, / That suddenly there'll be a blizzard, / And they'll cancel school for the year" is a stanza. The other two separate chunks of sentences form one stanza. Was this answer helpful?

What is a 5 stanza poem that rhymes? ›

A quintain, sometimes called a quintet, is a poem or stanza with five lines. It can follow any meter or line length. The limerick is the most well-known example of quintain poetry.

What is five stanzas with five lines each? ›

Cinquain Definition: A five-line poem, or a poem constructed of five-line stanzas, that follow specific rules related to the form.

What is a poem with 4 stanzas? ›

A quatern is a 16-line poem made up of four quatrains (four-line stanzas) as opposed to other poetic forms that incorporate a sestet or tercet.

How many lines does stanza 6 have? ›

Sestets in Sonnets

Traditionally, the fourteen lines of a sonnet consist of an octave (a stanza of eight lines) followed by a sestet (a stanza of six lines). Sonnets generally use a meter of iambic pentameter, and follow a set rhyme scheme.

What poetic form has 6 6 line stanzas? ›

A sestina is a form that uses six six-line stanzas, each using the same six words at the end of its lines in different orders, followed by an envoi of three lines using two of those words to each line. They tend to be written in iambic pentameter, and without rhyme.

What is a poem example? ›

Examples include: 'Historic Evening' by Arthur Rimbaud, 'O Me! O Life! ' by Walt Whitman, and 'What Are Years' by Marianne Moore. Rhymed Poem: there are many different types of rhyme in poetry, such as end rhyme, internal rhyme, and half-rhyme.

How many stanzas are in Emily Dickinson's wild nights? ›

'Wild nights – Wild nights!,' (also known by the number 269) is a three-stanza poem that is separated into sets of four lines, or quatrains. Dickinson has not chosen to conform the lines to a specific pattern of rhyme. Instead, each stanza stands alone.

How many stanzas are there in Ode to a Skylark? ›

The poem consists of twenty-one stanzas made up of five lines each. The first four lines are metered in trochaic trimeter, the fifth in iambic hexameter, also called Alexandrine. The rhyme scheme of each stanza is ABABB. There are total 105 lines in this poem.

How many stanzas does Invictus have? ›

With four stanzas and sixteen lines, each containing eight syllables, the poem has a rather uncomplicated structure. The poem is most known for its themes of willpower and strength in the face of adversity, much of which is drawn from the horrible fate assigned to many amputees of the day—gangrene and death.

How many stanzas is a ballad? ›

A ballade poem is a verse form consisting of three main stanzas and one concluding stanza called an envoi, each of which culminates in a repeated last line (referred to as the refrain line). The first three stanzas are eight-line stanzas, while the envoi is four lines.

Can a poem have 6 syllables? ›

Common meter is a specific type of meter that is often used in lyric poetry. Common meter has two key traits: it alternates between lines of eight syllables and lines of six syllables, and it always follows an iambic stress pattern in which each unstressed syllable is followed by one stressed syllable.

What is a 7 syllable poem called? ›

Syllabic metrical systems have a fixed number of syllables in each line, though there may be a varying number of stresses. They are named, quite simply, according to the number of syllables in each line, using Greek numbers. A line with seven syllables is called heptasyllabic and so on.

What is a 8 stanza poem called? ›

A triolet is an eight-line poem (or stanza) with a rhyme scheme of ABaAabAB: The first line is repeated in the fourth and seventh lines and the second line is also the last line (the capital letters indicate repeating lines).

What is a 11 stanza poem called? ›

8 lines – Octave / Rondeau. 9 lines – Stanza Spenserian. 10 lines – Keatsian Ode. 11 lines – Roundel.

What is a poem with 8 stanzas? ›

An octastich is a stanza with eight lines. These lines might be written in free verse or conform to a specific rhyme scheme or metrical pattern. The octastich is a popular poetic form in English-language poetry.

What is a 9 line poem called? ›

A nonet is a nine-line poem. In the nonet form, each line contains specific, descending syllable counts. The first line contains nine syllables, the second line contains eight, the third line contains seven, and so on.

What is a 15 line poem called? ›

What Is Rondeau Poetry? A rondeau is a French form of poetry composed of 15 lines, each of which contains between eight and 10 syllables. Rondeau poems contain a fixed verse form divided into three stanzas: a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet.

What is a 10 stanza poem called? ›

The Dizain Stanza

The dizain derives its name from French literature. Dix-pronounced "diz" means "ten" in French. Thus, the dizain stanza form has 10 lines. As other stanza forms, it can stand alone as a complete poem.

What kind of poem has 5 syllables per line? ›

The haiku is a Japanese poetic form that consists of three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. The haiku developed from the hokku, the opening three lines of a longer poem known as a tanka. The haiku became a separate form of poetry in the 17th century.

What is a poem with 5 syllables per line called? ›

Octameter, created by Shelley A. Cephas, is a poem made up of 16 lines. divided into two stanzas of 8 lines each. Each line has a syllable count of 5.

What rhyme scheme is 5 lines? ›

A limerick is a five-line poem with the rhyme scheme AABBA.

What poems are five lines long? ›

A quintain or pentastich is any poetic form containing five lines. Examples include the tanka, the cinquain, the quintilla, Shakespeare's Sonnet 99, and the limerick.

What is a stanza poem example? ›

The words that say "In the winter it's every kid's dream, / As snowflakes begin to appeal, / That suddenly there'll be a blizzard, / And they'll cancel school for the year" is a stanza. The other two separate chunks of sentences form one stanza. Was this answer helpful?

How long is a 5 stanza? ›

Rhyme may be perfect, slant or assonance. Stanza 5 Is a couplet, each line with 10 syllables. The form requires the ending syllable of lines 2 and 12 to rhyme with the first word of the following line. In addition the last word of every stanza must rhyme with the first word of the following stanza.

How many syllables is Shakespeare line? ›

It is 14 lines long and each line contains 10 syllables. Sonnet lines are in iambic pentameter which means the line has 10 syllables in 5 pairs. In each of these pairs the emphasis is on the second syllable like a heartbeat.

What is a funny poem of five lines called? ›

A limerick consists of five lines with an A-A-B-B-A rhyme pattern.

What is a 6 line poem with rhyme scheme? ›

A sestain is a six line poem or repetitive unit of a poem of this format (musaddas), comparable to quatrain (Ruba'i in Persian and Arabic) which is a four line poem or a unit of a poem. There are many types of sestain with different rhyme schemes, for example AABBCC, ABABCC, AABCCB or AAABAB.

What is a cinquain poem? ›

The cinquain, also known as a quintain or quintet, is a poem or stanza composed of five lines. More about the Cinquain Form. Examples of cinquains can be found in many European languages, and the origin of the form dates back to medieval French poetry.


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